4 Friends and A Lion

4 Friends and A Lion is a night time story for kids about four friends Zak aka Zebra, Dori aka Deer, Kangi aka Kangaroo, and Wilde aka Wildebeest. They live without any fear in Jungle and nobody dares to harm them due to their Unity.

A dangerous Lion aka Victor always watches them and wants to feast upon them. One day Victor attacks on Zak but his friends save him and handover Victor to the Police.

This quick bedtime story for kids online is our endeavor to teach children that Unity is Strength and we should not separate ourselves in the name of Religion, Caste, Color or Creed and we should always help our friends.

Not all night time story for kids with good morals teach behavioral manners to kids, but we have built our Kids Tales Channel to make children learn etiquette and good manners while watching our short story with moral lesson on T.V., Mobile Phones or any other medium. We are making quick bedtime stories for kids in English and we will continue to make good bedtime stories for little girls and boys. Your kid will be happy watching our Short stories and we hope to provide You the best of Us…

4 Friends And A Lion Bed Time Story For Kids